About “Your New Girlfriend’s Name is Stupid.

This blog is meant to be about the humor involved with letting go (and maybe a smidge of anger/jealousy/bitterness/etc), along with all of the hilarity that comes with growing up and living an adult life (over the age of 30… because I am starting to learn that no matter the age of a person, they rarely have their shit together).  This blog started when I found out an old flame began dating a girl who has both a ridiculous name and a ridiculous blog. So while on the phone with my best friend explaining this revelation (in total bitterness mind you) I exclaimed “Why don’t I just start a blog called Your New Girlfriend’s Name Is Stupid?!”

And so I did.

However, I am not normally a total heartless bitch… so I offer this: I apologize in advance to the woman whose ridiculous name became the inspiration for the title of this blog. She did nothing to me and I am sure that in real life she is lovely.

But the title was just too catchy to go unused, and it needed a bit of explanation as to where it originated. Since now you are curious… read my first post here:

What this blog would have been called had I felt it appropriate to use the word “fuck” in titles.

Most names and most places in my posts have been changed to protect the douchbaggery of said individuals and their respective locations. I am happy to be writing again. I update every Thursday.

Enjoy the life of a 30-something. 🙂

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